Putin’s approval ratings have collapsed due to pension reform and the price of gasoline

Vladimir Putin has failed to distance itself from the pension reform, and an announcement about the unpleasant reforms during the world Cup didn’t work: sociologists have recorded the biggest 2014 fall ratings of the President and government.

Two sociological services — government all-Russian center for public opinion (VTSIOM) and the Fund “Public opinion” (FOM) — has recorded a sharp decline in approval of President Vladimir Putin.

FOM reported the lowest level of approval to Putin over the past five years — 69%. According to sociologists, almost every fifth Russian is poorly appreciated the work of the President.

Putin’s electoral rating also fell by almost “dobrinski level” — to vote for him ready to just 54%. For comparison, in March 2018, the willingness to vote for Putin said 66% of Russians.

According to the poll, from may, Putin’s approval fell by 8.2 percentage points. Now his job approval of 72.1%.

Unhappy with the government

The approval of the government’s work, according to VTSIOM, over the past month fell from 45,4% to 38.5%. A year and a half ago, in December 2016, the activities of the Cabinet of Ministers was satisfied 61.2% of respondents VTsIOM.

According to FOM, the level of approval of work of the government has reached its lowest level since 2009. Almost half of Russians said about the poor performance of the government. Positively on the activities of the White house said 34% of respondents FOM.

In addition, 67% reported sociologists Thomas, what I heard from other critical remarks of the Russian authorities is the high 2013 level. Half of the respondents admitted that the government’s actions over the past month has caused dissatisfaction personally.

Suspension of pensions has not helped

Sociologists and political analysts say that the surge of discontent connected with plans of raising the retirement age, rising gasoline prices and the VAT increase.

Officially, the Kremlin says pension reform like Putin did to her was not involved. The President, responding to a question about raising the retirement age by the “Straight line”, said that the decision will be taken by the government.

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that neither Putin nor his administration did not participate in the reform discussion, because it doesn’t have “final shape”, and was advised to apply to the government.

It did not save the President from the fall rating. “The game is that it makes the government, and Putin has nothing to do, lame, — said the Russian service Bi-bi-si, the political scientist Gleb Pavlovsky. — People are constantly convinced that everything is decided by Putin. And then suddenly say that everything except this.”

FOM analyst Grigory Kertman sure that the government’s actions people take in a comprehensive and responsible, believe it is Putin. “Attempts to distance the President from pension reform were not naslyshany citizens figures indicate significant dissatisfaction,” said the sociologist. From his point of view, the increase or decrease of dissatisfaction depends on the actions of the President who now takes a pause.

Tactics to pull away from painful events, “can be made sense” before: 20 years ago, has just become President Putin protected from bad news and sad themes, Pavlovsky recalls. “But then it was wrong. Today’s suspension became the property of the policy and Putin himself. It’s unpleasant to go into the field of the real political decisions”, — says the expert.

Putin understands the ambiguity of social reform and tries to run away from a direct blow to the reputation, explains political analyst Andrei Kolyadin. According to him, it happened in the past, when economic problems rather beat on Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

To hide behind the championship failed

About plans to raise the retirement age, the government announced the day of the world Cup, then became aware of the coming increase in VAT.

According to political scientist Andrei Kolyadina, the time for the announcement of the reform chosen by chance: the authorities tried to smooth over the situation. “But when it comes to wallet, no media measures do not compensate in the eyes of the population the threat of possible damage”, — explains the expert.

If the government really hoped that the opening of a home world Cup would defuse the discontent of the people painful reforms, they acted unwisely, said Cartman: “It was a major story that significantly changes an important aspect of human existence, the question that will not be forgotten in a month or two.”

Pavlovsky believes that Putin could declare himself clearly on pension reform, for example, “straight line” on June 7. But then the President did not directly answer the question about raising the age of retirement.

“In a government statement on plans to raise the retirement age was the effect of surprise, shock, — said the sociologist, Cartman. — People took it as the final decision, which will not change nor the state Duma nor the President.” The sociologist believes that this could have been avoided if the impending reform have filed more than adequately.

Whether to wait for protests

The theme is very sensitive, and protests in connection with it it is possible, but predictions are difficult, said Cartman: “If the government and the President will be able to explain the logic of their actions and show willingness to dialogue, confidence can return to the previous level”.

As suggested by Kolyadin, the Kremlin had been preparing for the possible consequences and even the falling of a rating does not force the authorities to abandon the reform: “the Possible corrections, this will depend on the strength of the protests. But if they are not too serious, the parameters can not change”.

The growing discontent of citizens is temporary, I’m sure kolyadyn: “Now the ratings indicated negative consequences for Putin, but people get used to the fact that he was robbed, and all will be calm,” — concluded the analyst.


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