QS calls for a “premium COVID” for the workers of child care services emergency

QS réclame une «prime COVID» pour les travailleuses des services de garde d'urgence

Québec solidaire (QS) calls on the government Legault to grant financial compensation to people working in the child care services emergency.

“There is an inequity between the nursing staff, who will be entitled to a “premium COVID” that the government just extended until may 31, and educators, who work also at the risk of their health and who have not received any compensation,” said Sunday, Christine Labrie, member of solidarity and responsibility in the field of family, by way of a press release.

The workers deployed in the child care services emergency provide an essential service. For this reason, they should be entitled to financial compensation on the same basis as employees of the health network, said Ms. Labrie.

The mp solidarity is difficult to protect “effectively” against the risk of contamination these employees, who work in close contact with children.

“While the government plans to expand access to childcare services, it is not only a question of fairness, it is also a question of security,” she added.

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