Quebec 21 progresses, but Team Labeaume always at the top

Québec 21 progresse, mais Équipe Labeaume toujours au sommet

Despite the internal crisis that has rocked Quebec 21 last year, the party has managed to hold its own in the game by getting almost two times more donations than in 2018, far behind Team Labeaume, however, that throne still at the top of this chapter.

In the beginning of the year, the leadership of the chef, Jean-François Gosselin, had been challenged, and administrators of Quebec 21 had eventually resign in block. The young political formation, founded in 2017, then rebuilt with a new administration, and has managed, finally, to convince more supporters to get out their checkbook.

Quebec 21 has collected contributions totalling 27 524 $ last year, you learn to read financial reports of the various municipal political parties in Quebec, obtained by The Newspaper. That is almost double of 15 190 $ harvested the previous year.

In spite of this progress worthy of mention in a particular context, the party that forms the official opposition in the Quebec city town hall still shows a significant decline compared to Team Labeaume, who has collected 51 375 $.

A machine well-rehearsed

Good year, bad year, the party of the mayor Régis Labeaume, such as a metronome, collects pretty much always the same amount, approximately $ 50,000, during his one and only cocktail reception of the annual funding, with cards sold at a cost of $ 100. The number of donors is maintained from one year to the other.

Only other party represented at city hall, by the adviser, Jean Rousseau, Democracy in Quebec has collected 6600 $ in the last year, 745 $ more than the previous year. The advantage of Jacquelyn Smith, Transition Québec (formerly Option Capitale-Nationale), has collected 1430 $. The Alliance’s citizen of Quebec, Alain Giasson, received no gift in 2019.

The deadline of April 1st for filing financial reports was postponed to the 1st June by the DGEQ, this year, due to the pandemic.

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