Quebec bar: the future lawyers in the uncertainty

Barreau du Québec: les futurs avocats dans l’incertitude

So justice is idling, the future lawyers of Quebec are also concerned that they not be able to exercise their profession since the School’s Bar has not yet taken a decision to complete the training in the spring.

In a letter sent Wednesday, some 345 signatories of student associations of the four centres of the School of the law society have expressed their demands to the senior management, including the president of the bar of Quebec, Me Paul-Matthieu Grondin.

To be a lawyer in Quebec, you must hold a bachelor’s degree in law and succeed in vocational and practical training of the École du Barreau, lasting four or eight months.

“In the current context, the fear about the pandemic reduces our ability to properly prepare all of the material necessary to the success of the final evaluation. Some have mentioned to be simply unable to concentrate,” says the group of graduates.


The personal situation of the students is also different from one case to another : children in the home, day care services closed, loss of employment, loved ones to care for, and the lease to be observed.

“Even if the Bar School offers some measures, it remains silent as to the terms and conditions surrounding the holding of the final assessment”, in addition to the future lawyers.

The activities of the Bar are suspended for two weeks. In the wake of the crisis, the Quebec could have need of prosecutors to revive the files waiting in the palace of justice.

The School officials of the law society are continuing their reflection. “We recognize that no solution will not suit all students. Give us time to get back to you with all the details”, he answered the director, Me Jocelyne Tremblay.

A distant examination in the first week of the month of may could be possible. The discussions are not finished.