Quebec: cancellations in hotels valued at 300$

Québec: les annulations dans les hôtels évaluées à 300M$

The pandemic will have effects as “catastrophic” for hoteliers who will have to forego revenues of at least$ 300 Million, in the region of Quebec, by the end of the year.

The director-general of the hotel Association of the region of Québec unveiled, yesterday, this impressive figure which corresponds to the cumulative amount of reservations cancelled since the beginning of the health crisis until December.

“It is at the top of $ 300 million in revenues from cancellations for the hotel industry to Quebec and there (we don’t talk about), not restaurants, sites and attractions,” revealed Marjoram of His, in an interview with Jonathan Trudeau at QUB radio.

  • Listen to the interview of Marjoram to His with Jonathan Trudeau at QUB Radio:

“This is the length of the pandemic which has been devastating to the economic level, tourist. ”

During this interview, she also unveiled a projection is very pessimistic for the annual occupancy rate in 2020, which is projected to be around 20 %, compared to 69.5 % last year.

“However, that may change because we still have several months. But at this time, it has 3500 doors open for rental on a 17 000 units, and last night (Tuesday), there was a 2% occupancy rate in the establishments open, ” she announced, visibly taken aback.

Fixed costs assume

Even if the customer has evaporated and that many institutions are closed, the owners must continue to bear the fixed costs, she insisted, if only for maintenance, in addition to the mortgage, property taxes, insurance and electricity bill.

“The summer months, this is where it makes money for the year, so it is troubling “, she added, urging people to travel in their own area and to rent a hotel room when they can this summer to encourage local trade, inspired by the movement ” staycation “, a contraction of the word “stay” and “vacation” in English.

At the same date last year, the shortage of manpower was on everyone’s lips. Hoteliers sought then to recruit at least 1500 people to fill the positions in the region.

Today, advance-t-it, 6000 employees are on the key, or 94 % of the workforce.

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