Quebec city region: in severe thunderstorm watch

The conditions are conducive to the formation of severe thunderstorms in the late afternoon on the region of Quebec.

A little after 16h, the sky is slightly clouded with 29°C.

Two weeks after the last fall of snow, Québec is experiencing a heatwave with three consecutive days with a thermometer around 30°C.

The warning from Environment Canada gave a state of severe thunderstorms capable of producing wind gusts strong and hail of large size.

The risk is now Tuesday afternoon and evening.

A severe thunderstorm watch is issued when atmospheric conditions are conducive to the formation of thunderstorms that could be accompanied by at least one of the following: large hail, damaging winds or torrential rains.

The warm weather will continue Wednesday and Thursday.

The warm air mass will persist over southern Quebec during the next two days.

The maximum temperatures are expected to reach between 30°C and 34°C on Wednesday and possibly Thursday. The values humidex will be 35 to 39. Nighttime temperatures should be between 16°C and 20°C.

The cooler weather is expected for the end of the week.

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