Quebec city: the heart of ice cream opened a few months behind schedule in may 2021

Ville de Québec: le Centre de glaces inauguré avec quelques mois de retard en mai 2021

Because of the COVID-19, Centre ice will not be finally delivered until may 2021, instead of October 2020.

This is what Rémy Normand, vice-president of the executive committee, reported on Wednesday in the late afternoon, in a press conference dedicated to building municipal major of the municipality by 2020.

“The COVID has several effects. The first is to stop the construction during about two months. The second is that, when it restarts with the teams, there are all the effort of mobilization and synchronization. It is sure that you can’t make it work for everyone at the same time. So there is a sequencing that has been redone,” explained Mr Norman.

The latter has sworn that the delay “has nothing to do with the termination the recent agreement of the Group, Axor and recovery of the internal management of the construction site.

Right next to the future Center of the ice, the Marché public de Sainte-Foy, which should be ready in may, will be available in mid-July, 2020. In the meantime, temporary facilities have been put in place.

Major projects

This year, the City will invest$ 106.5 million less than the previous years. The government subsidies are less important this year, a-t-on explained.

In 2020, the seven major projects are the redevelopment of the avenue Cartier (started on the 11th of may), the redevelopment of the boulevard Hochelaga (begun early June), the completion of the work of the road from the Church, the redevelopment of the intersection of the rue Saint-Jean with the côte de la Fabrique and rue Pierre-Olivier-Chauveau (almost completed) and the redevelopment of the boulevard of the Boiler. Also noteworthy is the reconstruction of the bridge of the Home on the boulevard Masson and the Bridge of Potatoes in the boulevard of the Hill.

The execution of the work will be in compliance with the recommendations of the CNESST. “There is an impact on the productivity of entrepreneurs,” agreed Daniel Lessard, director of the department of engineering at the City of Quebec. That said, the latter thinks that the bulk of the planned work will be achieved on time.

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