Quebec did not give its water

Le Québec ne donne pas son eau

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Alexandre Cusson, candidate for the leadership of the liberal party.

In launching his campaign for the leadership of the Quebec liberal Party last Sunday, Alexandre Cusson said that ” Quebecers only receive $ 150,000 in annual royalty payments from nine companies that operate the water in Quebec.” It aims to increase the royalty rates from companies that sell 20 Oz Bottled Mineral Water.


Le Québec ne donne pas son eau

Mr. Cusson is far from the account, as the Québec receives about $ 3 million in annual royalties for the use of its water.

The nine companies to which he has alluded to it form only a small proportion of all those who use water as a component of their products, such as brewers, manufacturers of soft drinks bottlers of water.

The ministry of the Environment has confirmed at theTime just that the royalties paid by these companies amounted to 945 962 $ in 2018.

As for the companies that use water in their manufacturing process, such as the pulp and paper companies or the smelters, they have paid the government 2 104 792 $ in 2018, for a total of 3 050 754 $.

The number of the week : 39 %

This is the percentage of veterans who have found it difficult or very difficult ” to adapt to civilian life after their military service.

This is an increase of 6 % compared to 2016, and this represents more than one-third of the members of the canadian armed Forces surveyed by Statistics Canada and who have left the army for the past 20 years.

The majority (57 %) of veterans surveyed indicated that they had worked in the last 12 months, 21 % of them were not looking for work or were retired, 12 % were on disability leave or disability, and 4 % were studying or were in training.

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