Quebec: four years in prison for a hit

Québec: quatre ans de détention pour un chauffard

A man involved in a violent collision occurred on the boulevard Champlain in Quebec city in January 2019 has been sentenced, Tuesday, an aggregate sentence of 4 years detention.

In November 2019, Marc Laliberté, 41 years old, had already informed the judge Christian Boulet that he wanted to plead guilty to the charges of impaired driving causing bodily harm brought against him.

This, however, was that the man had asked in the same breath the judge to impose a sentence greater than two years “so that he can go to the penitentiary” in order to get help.

His wish was thus fulfilled when the prosecutor, Geneviève Blouin, announced that it intended to suggest, “so common” with the defence lawyer, Me Benoit Labrecque, an aggregate sentence of four years.

Before you make the suggestion, it has, however, proposed to make “a brief overview of the history of the accused”, which was then countered “well, if you do this, you will ben spend the day around here”, giving a good idea of the roadmap, which extends over several years.

Recall that, on the day of the collision, the forty-something woman had violently crashed into a vehicle in which were a man and a woman in her twenties.

He had subsequently fled on foot before being found by the master-dog in the police Department of the City of Quebec.

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