Quebec in the top 5 for deaths

Le Québec dans le top 5 pour les décès

Quebec has hoisted in the head of the pack of the dismal track record of the places the brunt of the planet by the COVID-19.

If it were a State, Quebec would rank at the 5th position of the country with the most deaths from the coronavirus, in proportion to their population.

At the end of April, the Quebec occupied the 12th place of the world ranking.

According to the figures yesterday, the Belgium throne again at the top with a rate of 804 deaths per million of population, followed by Spain and then by the United Kingdom and Italy, to equality.

Worse than in France

Quebec would rank just after, with a rate of 479 deaths per million of population. The province outperforms so now France, where the rate reached 436 deaths per million.

Yesterday, Quebec has crossed the threshold of 4000 deaths due to the pandemic, with 4069 loss of life, which represents 62 % of the victims in Canada.

On the 11th of may, so that they came to exceed the 3000 dead, Horacio Arruda, the quebec director of public health, had wanted to be reassuring by saying that the curve of deaths was ” already a downward trend “.

Fourteen days later, and with 1000 more deaths, we see that the curve is of course attenuated, according to the recent reports, but it has not stopped so far.

Tragic Situation

Thus, the situation is always tragic for the elderly in shelters and long-term care (CHLSD), where the number of institutions “critical” to slowly decline.

According to a review of our Bureau of investigation, published last Saturday, there are still currently 28 CHLSD where more than 25 % of the residents are suffering from the COVID-19.

At the international level, it should be noted that the case of the State of New York remains very serious, much worse than that of Quebec.

The rate per million population is three times higher than here, reaching 1506 dead. New Jersey (1256 deaths), Connecticut (1050 dead), and Massachusetts (931 deaths) écopent also.

Deaths per million inhabitants

  • Belgium: 804
  • Spain: 660
  • United Kingdom: 544
  • Italy: 544
  • Quebec: 479
  • France: 436
  • Sweden: 399
  • Netherlands: 340
  • Ireland: 326
  • United States: 302

Note : the micropays, like san Marino and Andorra, are not included in this classification.

Source : and quebec ministry of Health

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