Quebec is ahead now the United States

Quebec now exceeds the United States in the sad list of places where the COVID-19 kills the most.

With a rate up to 188 deaths per million population, yesterday, the Quebec would have jumped to the 10th place in the world, it was a country. Our neighbours to the south, the rate stands at 171 deaths.

At the beginning of last week, la Belle Province was in the 12th global level, and the United States, in 10th position.

This increase is largely explained by the fact that the daily number of deaths has declined among Americans, dropping by more than half in the last days, while it remained relatively stable in Québec.

Method of calculation

One caveat, however : last Wednesday, the director of public health of québec, Dr. Horacio Arruda, warned that it is still too early to make any findings with the figures for other countries.

“When all States will eventually count the death […], you will see the real numbers as such. […] At this time, we will be able to make best analysis, ” he said.

At the head of the world rankings, one always finds the Belgium with a rate of whopping 622 deaths per million inhabitants, a figure that can be explained in particular by the method applied to calculate the dead. Follow Spain (rate of 503) and Italy (446).

According to the figures yesterday, Quebec has now 1599 deaths due to the coronavirus, which represents 59 % of the 2701 deaths in Canada.

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