Quebec must better protect pregnant workers, demands a union

Quebec must better protect pregnant workers, demands a union

Pregnant workers, who are at risk with COVID-19, must be better protected by the Legault government.

This is what the Centrale des unions du Québec (CSQ) is asking for after the publication of two studies by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the federal public health agency in the United States.

They report in particular the increased risks of premature birth as well as the admission of newborns to neonatal care for pregnant women who have contracted COVID-19.

This is why the CSQ reiterated on Saturday its demand for the Legault government to tighten occupational health and safety criteria in order to prevent pregnant workers from being unnecessarily exposed to the risks associated with COVID-19, particularly in the education network in Quebec.

The central maintains that school service centers have forced pregnant workers to report to work in schools.

“In schools and in the field, there are currently more efforts to manage the staff shortage than to manage the pandemic,” lamented the president of the CSQ, Sonia Ethier. What is the government waiting for to protect pregnant workers? ”

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