Quebec prisoners on their sailboat

Québécois prisonniers sur leur voilier

Sixty of Quebec are to be “taken” on their sailboat, docked in the bays of the caribbean islands without having access there due to the closure of the borders.

“The sunsets are a lot less beautiful”, lance Seric, a skipper quebec a prisoner of his boat in a bay of the islands of Saint-Vincent-et-les-Grenadines.

As other Quebecers on board of thirty boats, Seric was surprised by the closure of the borders of these small islands protect themselves from the pandemic of sars coronavirus.

Marie-Michelle Larouche is going to give birth to her third child in the Cayman islands.

Prison dorée

A prison golden at first sight, given the temperature and of the landscape, but the situation is of growing concern for these travellers. Seric tried on the 21st of march last to return to Granada, where he could store his boat before taking a flight to go back home.

However, the skipper was denied entry by the coast guard. The solo traveller is therefore taken refuge in a bay, later joined by another sailboat, quebec, to a quarantine of two weeks.

Since then, he can go on the island to buy products of first necessity, but “there is not a lot, there is no Loblaws”, shows-t-it.

Marianne Fog, his spouse and his four children, currently in North Carolina, date back to Quebec.

A coordinated operation

With the hurricane season looming on the horizon, Seric claims, with the thirty occupants of sailboats quebec that it has identified, assistance from the canadian government to repatriate them. “It does not give anything to send a plane immediately, it is necessary to co-ordinate it all,” he explains, stating that the operation could take “weeks”.

It would first have to repatriate the travelers to the islands that allow the storage of boats. “A boat, this is not a car”, explains the skipper, pointing to the importance of protecting the boats that are potential hurricanes.

Except that these islands, Grenada or the Bahamas, for example, are sometimes days of navigation. “Some are going to have to do two weeks of sailing just to get to Grenada, not counting the time to winterize the boats,” he explains.

All of these logistical challenges may take several weeks, depending on Seric, which leads to the hurricane season and the need to act now. There are also issues diplomatic resolve to provide Canadians with access to the islands in order to take a flight repatriation.

Voltage greater

Besides the fact that many boaters have statutes rather vague at this time. A skipper which is moored close to Seric has no right to be on site, but has no other place to go. “It is not in good standing. Luckily for him, the coast guard did not come to control it”, said Seric. “The tension is rising in the islands, it is not in a Club Med”, pleaded he.

Catch us if you can !

The closure of various borders island cause quite a headache for browsers that are trying to find refuge, so that a Quebec resigns herself to giving birth in the Cayman islands and that a family has decided to make the long drive to Quebec by browsing.

The closing of the borders of the Bahamas near Florida, where the government is asking boaters to leave the premises, leads to a lot of uncertainty. Is abutting a boundary close, Marianne Fog, and his family of four children have, therefore, decided to make the big climb to the Quebec sailing.

After the four-day trip to Florida, the family goes back quietly to the atlantic coast on his trimaran. They, however, fear of being sent back to the canal Champlain, beginning in the State of New York, the epicenter of the pandemic.

Their plan B is to go to Nova Scotia. “This trip extra requires at least two more months and high seas to deal with,” said the mother.

Give birth to the Cayman islands

Taken in the Cayman islands since the 12th of march, Marie-Michelle Larouche was, she resigned to give birth in the Caribbean in mid-may. If the family of four lacks nothing and has permissions of 90 minutes every two days to make the commissions, the stress comes for the baby to come.

“It is not ready to have a baby born here,” said the woman part since December. Fortunately, a group of women of the Cayman islands has offered to give the articles of first necessity to the new-born.

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