Québec solidaire denounced a “storm” that came down on the education network

Québec solidaire dénonce une «tempête» qui s’abat sur le réseau de l’éducation

QUEBEC – After the adoption in the gag of bill 40, which abolished the school boards, Québec solidaire (QS) has issued a warning to the government caquiste: the reform of Jean-François Roberge is doomed to failure.

“The presentation of the bill until the gag, Jean-François Roberge has given us a beautiful taste of its definition of decentralisation, said by press release on Saturday, Christine Labrie, responsible, solidarity-based Education. Not only it gets rid of the elect, but the crumbs left to schools do not arrive at ankle of the powers that it grants itself!”

Ms Larbie is convinced that the reality will catch up with the minister of Education, “as seen in health care since the reform Bar”, she stated.

Christine Labrie was particularly worried about the impact of the abolition of school boards in the regions of Quebec, where they acted as a lever for development and regional cooperation.

“After the blows of the axe of the liberals in the consultation, the CAQ is to silence another critical voice to the regional autonomy,” added Ms. Labrie.

Authoritarian drift to the CAQ

This is the fourth time in 9 months that the government of François Legault uses gag, recalled QS.

The use of gag serves to eliminate a counter-power to the authority of the prime minister Legault and his government, has pestered the co-responsible person.

“37 % of the votes doesn’t give you the right to do whatever they want. Wiping his feet with the national Assembly, the opposition and all opposition that dare stand in his way, the prime minister behaves as if Quebec was an elective monarchy”, has denounced for its part, the mna for Gouin, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois.