Québec solidaire proposes a “tax-pandemic” on the companies profitable

Québec solidaire propose un «impôt pandémie» sur les entreprises profitables

QUEBEC | desperate times call For desperate means: Québec solidaire proposes a “tax of a pandemic” on the profits of companies that have enjoyed the crisis is to make substantial profits in order to help to the finances of the State.

“This is not the free market that has decided what business had to close or could continue to operate. This is not the competition usual, which has influenced the income of enterprises “, asserted the spokesman of the party in matters of economics and taxation, Vincent Marissal, on Thursday.

  • Listen to the interview of Vincent Marissal with Jonathan Trudeau at QUB Radio:

According to the second opposition group, Québec must therefore ask the big banners and the giants of the digital to do their part to pay “the invoice of the pandemic,” and to contribute to the consolidation of public finances.

The large banners in the retail business, the giants of the digital, the banks and the security agencies, for example, have all seen an increase in their profits with the entry in scene of the COVID-19, explained Vincent Marissal.

Québec solidaire proposes, therefore, temporarily increase the tax rate on their profits and those of all large businesses in half, from 11.6% to 17.4 %.

The SMES would be itself exempt from this increase on the first tranche of $ 100,000 of profits in order to protect owners and operators. But above and beyond that, their tax rate would increase from 4% to 6 %.

These tax increases would be temporary and applied only for the tax period 2020-2021.

The same rates were applied in 2007, just before the latest financial crisis.

“As far as I know, in 2007, the economy has not collapsed,” said Vincent Marrissal.

The latter defended himself from wanting to violate the efforts of some companies that, for example, have modified their production lines to provide medical equipment. He appeals instead to the “solidarity” of these companies to the people of quebec.




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