Quebec wants to allow the opening of day camps

The day camps will open in Quebec towards the end of June or at the beginning of the month of July in spite of the current crisis and the measures of distanciations physical.

This is what was stated by the minister of municipal Affairs, Andrée Laforest, during a virtual desktop session of the national Assembly, Thursday.

According to it, the leaders of the day camps will not have difficulty in recruiting enough instructors here, considering the number of students who are without a job.

“[Mayors and wardens] say they are comfortable because some students have lost their jobs, that there will be more monitors to engage, and therefore availability for work this summer,” she explained.

A guide to indicate the sanitary measures that must be applied in the camps of days should be presented in the coming days, she said.

Their opening will however depend on the evolution of the situation in the schools. These will be reopened on may 19 in the greater Montreal area and on may 11, elsewhere in Quebec.

The minister Andrée Laforest has not been able to clarify whether Quebec would put in place financial programmes to help municipalities finance these day camps.

For the opposition, however, it is inconceivable to open day camps in Quebec if we want to follow the instructions of the detachment physics.

“I don’t see how we can get there, unless it is one-to-one (one instructor for one child) or one-to-two,” said the liberal mp Marie-Claude Nichols.

If the scenario of the opening of day camps, is possible in regions where there is little transmission of the COVID-19, this is not the case for larger cities such as Montreal, she adds.

“We know how difficult it is to maintain the social distancing between the children. It is already difficult with adults,” quipped the mp for Québec solidaire, Andrés Fontecilla, for which the minister Andrée Laforest has not been able to bring adequate replies to the many questions on this issue.


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