Quebec wants to prevent the misuse of the premiums COVID-19 managers

Québec veut prévenir la mauvaise utilisation des primes COVID-19 par les gestionnaires

Apart from the fact that some managers of the health network would move employees between “hot zones” and “cold zones” to prevent their granting a premium, the president of the treasury Board, Christian Dubé, warns that it is “beyond unacceptable”.

Last week, Quebec announced a bonus of up to $ 1000 per month for people who agree to work full time (36,25 hours/week) in the ltc facility to meet the urgent needs of the workforce.

Gold, Christian Dubé said on Thursday that it has come to his attention that managers would move those staff in contact with patients with the COVID-19 in the “hot zone” to “cold zones” where the virus is not present, and this, for one day only.

The aim suspected of this operation is to avoid having to pay the premium of $ 1000, since they have not done a full month in the same department.

“This is counter-intuitive to what we asked for, and I myself have asked for explanations,” said Christian Dubé Thursday, stating that he was still awaiting clarification from the ministry of Health and social Services on this subject.

Such maneuvering also pose an additional risk to the patients due to the movement of staff between areas where the virus is present and others who are still spared.

“I repeat, this is not the goal. Our goal is to have people who are going to do more of full-time and that, if they ask, go to box [hot], they will be able to do that”, hammered Christian Dubé.

It will also bring clarification to this subject shortly.

According to him, this issue should be discussed at the meeting between the prime minister, François Legault, and the CEO of CIUSSS and CHU du Grand Montréal, to be held Thursday evening.

Christian Dubé is also pleased to note the positive effects of the measures announced by Québec to enhance the salary of the employees of the health network for another day, the number of missing continued to decline.

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