Quebecers healed coronavirus urge the population to comply with the isolation

Des Québécois guéris du coronavirus exhortent la population à respecter l’isolement

A couple of Quebecers now cured of the coronavirus, contracted on a cruise ship, urging the population to comply with segregation hammered by the governments.

Julien Bergeron and Manon Trudel were finally able to return to the country Sunday after a journey in Asia for the less physically demanding.

The couple montreal was aboard the Diamond Princess during the outbreak of the COVID-19.

The two passengers, both aged 61 years, have unfortunately contracted the virus, which afflicts, at this moment the whole planet.

Now healed, they are to raise Quebecers ‘ awareness on the importance of respecting the guidelines of the public health.

Isolated in Japan

Ms. Trudel has had to spend 11 days in isolation in a hospital in japan, even if she had no symptoms.

Struggling with pneumonia, his spouse was less fortunate.

He was confined for three weeks in a hospital, nippon before finally receive two negative results row, necessary for his repatriation to Canada.

“The problem is that we don’t know yet how it infects. Stay at home, even if you don’t have symptoms. It is sure that this is not a good idea to get out if you don’t need to,” insisted the couple, during a telephone interview with The Journal.

Close the SAQ

The Bergeron-Trudel does not include, moreover, no reason why 121 people with the COVID-19 in Quebec do not exist in a place where they could receive appropriate care.

“There are seven who are hospitalized. The 114 other, they are where ? If they are home and they walk, this is not better. In Japan, I couldn’t get out of my room, I was away to go to the SAQ, ” said Mr. Bergeron, who simply cannot conceive of the SAQ and the SQDC are always open.

“There are thousands dead in less than a month, it’s not like a big flu,” recalled his wife.

No risk to take

The couple wished to be put in administrative segregation upon his return to Quebec, even though he was not obliged to do so, saw a confirmation of his healing, issued by the official authorities.

The customers have even sent their son of 23 years, to live outside of their home for a period of time to not take any chances.

“We are extremely happy to be alive, very very glad to be revenue in Quebec, but it is still very worried, and that’s what we want to share with people,” said Ms. Trudel.

“If we want to be able to continue to breathe the pure air without the combination of an astronaut, it is necessary to think about it now. It is necessary to take the situation seriously,” continued her spouse.

In these times of uncertainty, the couple still keeps the smile.

“The important thing, at this time, this is not to be positive, it is negative two times”, has blagué Mr. Bergeron, in reference to the screening tests.

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