Queen Elizabeth II: Britain will leave the EU until 31 January 2020

Королева Елизавета II: Британия выйдет из ЕС до 31 января 2020 года

To report to the House of Commons for consideration of the bill on Brexit plan tomorrow.

The UK leaving the European Union until 31 January 2020, said Queen Elizabeth II. After that, she said, Britain will try to conclude with Brussels and other countries of the free trade agreement, writes “Mirror of week”.

The Queen of Britain delivered the throne speech during the opening of the new session of Parliament. According to tradition, the speech for the Queen was prepared, the Cabinet of Britain. The main topics of the speech of Elizabeth II began the government’s priorities for 2020. In particular, among prioritou a significant increase in funding for the National health system and the reform of the immigration system.

After Elizabeth II will complete the statement in the House of Commons will begin debate concerning the speech from the throne. The deputies plan to December 20 to submit for the consideration of the bill at the exit of Britain from the European Union.

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