Queen Elizabeth II is celebrating a 94th anniversary of discrete and confined

La reine Elisabeth II fête un 94e anniversaire discret et confiné

LONDON | The queen Elizabeth II celebration on Tuesday, his 94th spring without her family nor the traditional volleys of honors, she considers them inappropriate in a full pandemic of novel coronavirus, which has claimed more than 16,000 deaths in the United Kingdom.

The queen is at Windsor castle with her husband Philip, aged 98 years, but spends his birthday without being joined by the members of the royal family, in accordance with the instructions of his government.

These last have, by contrast, marked the occasion on social networks, starting with his eldest son, prince Charles, who has tweeted a series of photos. On the oldest of them, the heir of the crown appears in baby’s chubby behind the bars of wood in his park, under the gaze enveloping her mother.

Aged 72 years, prince Charles has itself been reached by the COVID-19, but unlike the prime minister, Boris Johnson, has suffered a mild form of the disease.

The eldest son of prince Charles, prince Williams, has published a photo in which he finds himself in the company of his grandmother and his wife Kate, in a green setting.

If custom, thunder the cannon, Hyde Park, the Tower of London and to the royal park of Windsor on the day of the birthday of the queen, the sovereign has chosen to forego this year.

“Her Majesty has desired that no special measures are to be put in place to allow the cannon shots, because it did not believe it appropriate in the current circumstances “, said recently a source in Buckingham.

The palace had already announced that the military parade of the ” salvation colors “, organized every year in June to formally celebrate the anniversary of the queen would not be held this year.

In a nationally televised address historic broadcast at the beginning of April, the queen dressed in green, color of hope, has called on its subjects to resilience, ensuring that ” better days will come “.

On Monday, her husband the duke of Edinburgh, withdrew from almost three years of public life, has in a rare message lauded the work as “vital and urgent” caregivers, and researchers who fight against the coronavirus.

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