Question without answer

Question sans réponse

The question was relevant. The prime minister François Legault has asked Marc Bergevin in response to two options : “we Believe in function of the conquest of the Stanley cup in the short term ? If yes, we keep Price and Weber. If we think in the medium term, the exchange Price, and Weber ? “What do you think of Marc ?

“Mr. prime minister, I expect you to a coffee. “

Like what Marc Bergevin has nice skills for the policy.

For the moment, the general manager of the Canadian will rely on its guardian and defender star for an adventure that gives him the impression of having won the lottery.

He did not think ever that his team, despite failing repeatedly during the last season, would have a chance to compete in the grand tournament of the end of the season. Even better, his team is scary. Yes, yes. What training would like to face Carey Price in a short series ?

The Pittsburgh Penguins will live the experience. This is the table of the protocol for return to work proposed by the committee in charge of drawing up the outline to complete finally season put on pause since 12 march.

To violate the regulations

For supporters of the Canadian, there is something to be pleased about. Even for the prime minister, who gives us a beautiful lesson of leadership for the past three months. We recognize the true leaders in the face of adversity.

Gold, Marc Bergevin knows very well that professional hockey is in trouble. It must find ways to mitigate the massive losses that are resulting from the pandemic, and unfortunately, it has to violate its own regulations.

As add eight courses to a formula of the series changed ? In particular, the Canadian and the Chicago black hawks, two teams that have been eliminated, according to the regulations in force in the league.

These are two teams that generate recurring income. Two organizations of prestige. And in the case of Montreal, there a team who has an audience as large ? The results for hours of great listening are souventes times higher than those of all other teams in the league.

And Chicago ? The NBC network, which was to present the olympic summer Games, was in need of teams operating in large markets such as the Blackhawks…

Bet on the tv

And since the matches will be played in front of bleachers unoccupied, it is thus necessary to convince the fans watching tv, in the heat, in July, and Montreal and Chicago represent attractive markets.

The best solution was to close the books and prepare for the next season. But for the owners, it was not the question. Therefore, would it not have been better to forget the regular season and make the playoffs, using it as a point of reference the rankings of the teams at the 12 march ? Some had suggested establishing a ranking by referring to the 68 first games of the season.

But when we fight for its survival, we take bold decisions.

In fact, I hope that the prime minister has got a response from Marc Bergevin. But I like the second option proposed by mr Legault.

Unless Carey Price does make a difference.

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