Quiz: How well do you remember “Nu, pogodi!” and other Soviet cartoons?

Тест: Как хорошо вы помните «Ну, погоди!» и другие советские мультфильмы?

This year celebrates its 50th anniversary one of the favorite Soviet and Russian viewers of the cartoon “Nu pogodi!”. The first series of the animated series about the adventures of the Wolf and the Hare was released on June 14, 1969. Conceived as a response to the American cartoon “Tom and Jerry”, the series quickly gained popularity among the audience. The role of the main characters was voiced by all your favorite artists – Anatoly Papanov and Klara Rumyanova.

National school of animation is rightly recognized as one of the most famous in the world. Soviet cartoons are still loved not only in CIS, but also far abroad. On the day of the birth of “Nu, pogodi!” “MIR 24” has decided to recall and other Soviet cartoons, and at the same time to test your knowledge. Take the test and find out how well you remember our cartoons.