Race electric Formula E will help you improve the civil electric vehicles

Гонки электрокаров Formula E помогают совершенствовать гражданские электромобили

According to the resource Bloomberg, originated in 2014 race Formula E electric cars used by the teams for improvement in technologies related to electric vehicles mass market. Many major automakers with ambitions in the field of electromobility, taking an active part in these competitions. Recently they were joined by the Porsche and Mercedes-Benz, who want to outdo Tesla in the premium segment of electric vehicles.

Гонки электрокаров Formula E помогают совершенствовать гражданские электромобили

BMW and parent company of Jaguar, Tata Motors, is also racing in Formula E. the Manufacturer of one of the most popular electric vehicles in the world, Nissan, has attracted to create a race of electric cars and serial Leaf hatchback of the same specialists. The approach of the Indian auto giant Mahindra & Mahindra to participate in the “electric race” even more interesting — the company uses the experience of riders for the training of drivers of open electric carts, replacing the Indian taxi driving skills, allowing as long as possible without recharging the traction battery. “Carriers” such methods less allow to stand at a charging station and to get the maximum profit.

Special ambitions in the world of “electric sport” shows the American Motors company Lucid. She now supplies racing electric cars with their traction batteries. This allows competitors to complete the race without stopping, although a few years ago they had to make a break for replacement upon depletion of the electric charge on the source. The experience Lucid Motors is going to use in mass production of electric sedan Air that will be running in Arizona next year. The electric car will be able to pass more than 640 km on one charge and its maximum speed will exceed 320 km/h.

Many automakers are on the race track improve regenerative braking system, which allow a projected deceleration of the vehicle to switch the traction motor in generator mode, making up for the most part spent on the acceleration of electricity. Participants of the races I also consider it important to hold competitions on the streets (after they have overlap, of course) to adapt the serial electric vehicles to features of the layout of modern cities.

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