Rachid Badouri in a new light

Rachid Badouri sous un nouveau jour

Forget the Rachid Badouri flamboyant and spectacular as we already knew since its inception in 2005. In his new show, the flowers of The carpet, the comedian showed a new day, the more vulnerable and real than ever. “I really didn’t want me to hide, to show a facade,” says the comic of 43 years.

Rachid Badouri has not had it easy these past few years. In 2017, he has suffered from cellulitis in the leg that could have killed him. The following year, he lived intensely the scandal of Gilbert Rozon, while he was with the Agency, Just for laughs.

And a few months later, he lost his owner after he was involved in a controversy with a church. “When my problems occur, it looks like it comes in a package of three “, joke-t-it.

It’s a Rachid Badouri transformed, with its vulnerabilities, but always also twining and comedian who presents himself in an interview with The Newspaper. Finished the prevarication, the comedian has done the introspection and monitoring of therapies before coming back on stage with this new show.

“With the quarantine, there are plenty of things that will change,” he said. I did not want the confrontation, while I liked it before. If I had continued to be the Rachid before, I would have hidden on stage, my redemption, my therapy. “

To be honest with the public

In the flowers of The carpet, Rachid Badouri speaks of the Arabs, of France, of his wife and the arrival of his daughter. But he also confides to the audience how he was able to be unpleasant with his entourage in the past. “I need to talk about it, I’d need to be honest with the public,” he said.

It is the wife of the comedian who has set herself at the foot of the wall, there is about five years. He had to stop being an “ass hole” with everyone, otherwise she threatened to leave.

Why has he decided to speak of his past as a “diva” in this show? “When I started my break-in theaters, I was not able to talk about it,” he said. I think I was a constipated words. “

But during a show in Sainte-Geneviève, after having delivered his other numbers during a 45-minute, he decided to confide to the public. “I told them: I can you you speak? And there, I’m gone. I talked about my cellulite, of how I became known, of the ass hole that I was and the therapy that I have made. ”

Fortunately, his team had filmed that night where he “emptied his bag” in an improvised manner. And it is from this material that he built, with some authors, the end of his show.

Ask in Quebec

For the script-editing, Rachid Badouri has appealed to Laurent Paquin. “I went to see with the review of his last show who said it was her career-best. I asked him how he had done to get there. He began to tell me about his life, his career. It was a year and a half in the future compared to me! “

Question of a fresh start, Rachid has decided to drop the headset with which he had been working for more than 15 years. It is at the end of his last tour in France that he started to use the micro-stick, which fits more naturally in the stand-up classic.

“I forced myself to make one last three to six months there with a micro-stick. When I arrived in Montreal, and I played the Brothel, I had the air of a pro. “

In a discussion with Rachid Badouri, we feel at what point the comedian seems happier than ever. After having spent the past few years, principally in France, he thinks of asking way more stable in Québec.

“I got a taste, he said. I don’t know if it is age that does this, but I’m well in my cotton fleece in tabarnouche! (laughter) It is sure that he must go to France with this show-there. But I have so much installed my pawns out there that I no longer need to make sacrifices early and go for long periods of time. If you are asking me to redo it, I would say no. My daughter is growing up, I don’t want to uproot. “

Rachid Badouri will present his show the flowers of The carpet from 19 to 22 February at the Olympia of Montreal. For all dates : rachidbadouri.com

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