Rada adopted an important decision on the amendments Poroshenko in the Constitution

MP of the faction “Block of Petro Poroshenko”, the Chairman of the parliamentary delegation to the NATO parliamentary Assembly Irina Friz urged his colleagues in Parliament to support the presidential draft law No. 9037 on amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine about the strategic course of the state for the acquisition of full membership of Ukraine in EU and NATO.

Рада приняла важное решение по поправкам Порошенко в Конституцию

“The strategic task of the Parliament to protect European and Euro-Atlantic path of development of the state, elected by the Ukrainian society 5 years ago when we went to the Euromaidan. We on the whole world, said that Ukrainians identify with Europe and see the future of their own country in a single Western space! Supporting the idea of the head of state, we will make it impossible to revenge the aggressor,” — said I. Frieze during consideration of the bill.

She noted that the provisions of the proposed changes is defined as an irreversible strategic course for the acquisition of membership in NATO and the EU, and expand the powers of the Verkhovna Rada, which becomes responsible for the implementation of this course.

“The President of Ukraine is the guarantor, and the Cabinet of Ministers should ensure implementation of this strategy. An important addition will be the abolition of the Constitution article 14 of the transitional provisions on military bases of other countries in Ukraine. I note that after the restoration of the territorial integrity and the return of Crimea to Ukraine, not one “tin” of the black sea fleet will not stay in our land or in our waters,” said I. Frieze.

She also noted that NATO bases do not interfere, “is governed by another provision of the Constitution”.

“At the meeting with the President of Ukraine two weeks ago, all the democratic forces of the Parliament agreed to support these changes in the Basic Law. Convinced that today’s vote will be a clear indicator to our soldiers who gave their lives today to protect our European choice for the Ukrainian society, our international partners, a real defender and Confessor of the Euro-Atlantic choice of Ukraine. Urge everyone to support this initiative of the President” — summed I. Frieze.

As reported, the Verkhovna Rada on Thursday included in the agenda of the session and sent to the constitutional court (CC) presidential bill No. 9037 on amendments to the Basic law in respect of fixation of the strategic course of Ukraine for membership in the European Union and NATO.

After receiving the conclusions of the constitutional court the Parliament may pre-approve (accept in the first reading) a bill of not less than 226 voices. Then, at the next regular session, the Parliament can vote for him for adoption as a whole. This will require at least 300 votes of the parliamentarians. This procedure is set out in the Constitution.