Rada adopted the law on the division of political posts and public service

Рада приняла закон о разделении политических должностей и госслужбы

MPs approved the bill No. 2260 second reading.

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine supported the second reading of bill No. 2260 on the division of political posts and public service.

The project was supported by 255 deputies.

The document introduces amendments to some legislative acts regulating the activities of separate government agencies, in particular in the part of the passage and characteristics of public service regulation of the legal status of civil servants, the powers of the civil service managers, exception of the Institute of appointment of heads of departments by a third party.

The law also defines what paper and electronic documents have the same legal force.

The project wanted to prescribe that members of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine with the permission of the presiding officer may participate in the Cabinet meeting via videoconference. However, the MPs rejected this rule in the course of the review.

The document also delayed e-Declaration for assistants-consultants of people’s deputies. It remains for the employees of the Office of the President.

Recall that in late September a draft law “On amendments to some laws of Ukraine” on reset power No. 1066, which provides for the introduction of the public service contract entered into force.

Note, the law simplified the procedure of adoption of the civil service and dismissal from it, and also provides the possibility of introducing the contract in the public service.

Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk said that after the adoption of bill No. 1066 on the restart of state power, which introduced civil service on civil servants to change the pay structure.

Parliament approved the draft law in the second reading on September 19. He was voted by 228 MPs.

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