Rada adopted uniform rule of journey of crossroads with a circular motion

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine supported the basis and the whole bill No. 4246 “On amendments to article 41 of the Law of Ukraine” On road traffic “(concerning the priority of vehicles which are moving in a circle)”. The document was supported by 234 people’s Deputy

Рада затвердила єдине правило проїзду перехресть з круговим рухом

At first, the document was supported based on 242 MP but at the suggestion of the relevant Committee it was voted in General, reports Rus.Media.

Adopted by the Parliament law article 41 of the law of Ukraine “On road traffic” is supplemented with the following paragraph: “the Advantage of traffic at intersections, where a circular motion is provided for vehicles which are already moving in a circle.”

“The difficult socio-economic situation in Ukraine led to the lack of road markings and traffic signs on the roads. Also in every city the rule of intersection of crossroads with a circular motion that causes the accidents on such sites. So today, as society demanded changes, which introduced common rules for crossing of vehicles crossroads where the circular motion is organized “, – the authors of the draft law in the explanatory Memorandum.

It is noted that in Europe at intersections, where a circular motion, a common scheme traffic Roundabout. According to official statistics, every time after the introduction of the scheme Roundabout, accidents at intersections were reduced by approximately 80%.

The adoption of this bill will reduce accidents at intersections, where a circular motion.

The draft law regulates the issues relating to the provision of benefits in the movement of vehicles which go to the crossroads where the circular motion.

Thus, changes are made to article 41 of the law on road traffic.

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