Rahmon: Social and economic issues can be the cause of radicalism

PHOTO : press service of the President of Tajikistan


Social and economic issues can be the cause of radicalism, said President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon, according to “WORLD 24”. The head of state takes part in the international conference on combating terrorism.

“Currently, the actions of the forces of international terrorism and extremism have shaken the foundations of international security, caused an unstable situation in various regions of the world and threats to life and well-being of ordinary citizens. Moreover, the phenomenon of international terrorism become stronger, which poses a great threat to the fate of the world. That is why in our days the joint and purposeful work of States and peoples, international institutions, and societies primarily with the roots and causes of terrorism is of particular importance”, – said Rahmon.

The President also said, in the country to prevent cases of recruitment of citizens in a terrorist organization. For example, those who voluntarily abandoned plans to join the militants, be released from criminal liability. As a result, in recent years abroad returned more than 300 people, including 80 children, who were left without parents.

The international conference on combating terrorism in Dushanbe was attended by representatives of 50 countries.