Rahmon: the Extremists and radicals pose a serious threat to Central Asia

Рахмон: Экстремисты и радикалы представляют серьезную угрозу Центральной Азии

The President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon said that extremist and radical groups are a serious threat to Central Asian countries, the press service of the head of state.

“They mask their goals with religious slogans and their supporters gather under the banner of struggle for social justice. However, they intended to change the secular structure of the States of the region and use all means and ways to capture political power”, – said Rahmon at the conference “International and regional cooperation in the fight against terrorism and its sources of funding, including drug trafficking and organized crime” in Dushanbe.

He noted that the activities of terrorist and extremist organizations have adopted cross-border nature, they “shook the foundations of international security”.

The President of Tajikistan calls upon countries and international institutions to deal primarily with the roots and causes of terrorism. You also need to pay special attention to solving social and economic problems, said Rahmon.

“In these ways, it seems advisable to establish efficient cooperation, including through the provision of financial and technical assistance to countries vulnerable to terrorism”, he added.