Rahmon told how problems with the climate prevent the development of Central Asia

Рахмон рассказал, как проблемы с климатом мешают развитию Центральной Азии

The President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon believes that a solution to the problems of the environment and climate are important areas of cooperation of member countries of the conference on interaction and confidence building measures in Asia (CICA). With the corresponding statement he made on Saturday at the fifth CICA summit in Dushanbe, reports “WORLD 24”.

Rahmon noted that natural disasters annually cause damage to the Asian economies. In this regard, he urged the forum participants to establish mechanisms of assistance to States affected by natural disasters.

The head of state noted that given the geographic features of Tajikistan regularly suffers losses from natural disasters that result, including the victims among the people. The Tajik leader said that over the past 40 years in the country, 93% of whose territory is mountainous terrain, disappeared more than a thousand glaciers. This, in turn, causes damage to key sectors of the economy – agriculture, hydropower and industry.

Emomali Rahmon pointed out that the glaciers continue to melt quickly, which affects the volume of water resources in Central Asia, 60% of which is generated in Tajikistan.

“In Central Asia, water resources are a key component of socio-economic development and environmental improvement in the region and in this context, the achievement of sustainable development in the region is possible only through the rational use of water resources, reducing loss and saving for future generations,” the President said.

Recall that in Dushanbe on 15 June is the V summit of the CICA. The event will bring together 27 member States and 13 observers, which include both individual countries and international organizations.