Rai Al Youm: USA — a dying bull, flood the world with blood

Rai Al Youm: США — умирающий бык, заливающий весь мир кровью

As the historians say and geopolitics, the collapse of the Empire is accompanied by wars, chaos and even barbaric. Today we are witnessing a crisis of the world order, which with the help of a third party controls the American Empire is the leading element of the financial and military system. The Imperial system of the United States has stalled and is reminiscent of the dying slaughtered the bull, flood all around blood and the outpouring of the spirit.War, riots and possible sanctions — the chaos reigns everywhere: Hong Kong, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, the Arabian Peninsula and also in most countries of North Africa. In each, we see war, conflict, or color revolutions. South American countries are also in the midst of this war, and among them Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Bolivia and other countries. Even Europe is suffering from the protectionist economic sanctions from its largest ally, the United States, and is undergoing fundamental changes with the rise of right-wing and the deteriorating economic situation. For example, the “yellow jackets” turned the Champs Elysees into a battleground, as if we are talking about African countries. Or take a look at the UK, bending under the weight of economic, social and political problems, which, in its opinion, may decide on the withdrawal from the European Union.The problem of the old and new colonial countries is that they lived and prospered thanks to slavery, assigning resources and debt pits, which were developing countries. This is clearly indicated by Professor Ronald Davis California state University, Northridge: “it is No exaggeration to say that the income from the slave trade from 1600 to 1860 greatly contributed to the formation of States in Western Europe and the United States as the leading powers on the world stage”.In accordance with the criteria of the International monetary Fund (IMF) in assessing the economic power of countries with respect to their debt-to-GDP, the United States must be classified as a failed state. For such countries should be subject to austerity programs that the IMF forces us to accept when we are talking about fragile States. According to these criteria, for example, the Jordanian economy has a better performance than the US economy!The American economy operates due to the fact that imposes the dollar as the world reserve currency, and through his printing press, terminating a worthless paper currency that you can purchase real goods, such as oil or wheat. Also this paper is exchanged for another — the so-called government bonds to repay the debt of the United States. This is the biggest, meanest and dangerous Scam in history. And its the capitalist system in the era of globalization American financial and military clique wants to impose on the world through the armed forces and security services. However, this system is experiencing the last days. Whether this statement is an exaggeration, purely reflecting our desires?Professor Lester Tour, former Dean of the economic faculty of one of the most prestigious universities — Massachusetts Institute of technology, wrote in his article “the Future of capitalism” in 1997: “the Competitors of the capitalist system, such as fascism, socialism, and communism collapsed. But even despite the fact that their present fate is to remain in the history books, something, apparently, subverting the capitalist system.”Today, there are two axes, the key States which have a tool for nuclear deterrence and waging war by proxy. Their agents have legitimacy outside, and even fighting with their own people, to protect those who gave them legitimacy. The current proxy war — a struggle for survival.The crisisthis month, the Agency “France-Presse” quoted the words of the President of France Emmanuel Makron that the global political system is undergoing an “unprecedented crisis.” Warning Macron sounded a few days after his interview with The Economist, where he said that NATO came “brain death”, and that Europe faces a serious risk of disappearance from the geopolitical map of the world in the future, or at least she will not be able to control your own destiny.The French President stressed the need to find new ways of cooperation and new alliances between countries and organizations, noting that the United Nations is “paralyzed.” In his opinion, the global political and financial system that functioned well after the Second world war, is currently in crisis.After the global financial crisis of 2008, which began as a result of the activities of the financial elite of the United States on wall street, in 2009, wrote a book entitled “the Systemic crisis of capitalism and globalization in the dead-end” that allows us to judge about its contents. It happened 11 years before the enlightenment of the Macron. In this book, I found that the problem was in the structure of the capitalist system, and came to the conclusion that the end of the system is inevitable and will be such an economic heart attack.I was one of three guests on the program of TV channel “al Jazeera” October 29, 2008, entitled “Political and strategic aspects of the financial crisis”. With me in the Studio was attended by Hazem al-Bablaui (who later became the first Prime Minister of Egypt under President Al-Sisi). My position was that the 2008 crisis is the crisis of the capitalist system, which is in decline and will soon collapse, while, according to al-Bablaui, it was a temporary crisis. As he said, this crisis will be overcome, like other previous crises.Where do we lead?The founder of geopolitical science Halford Mackinder (Zbigniew Brzezinski, one of his followers) said that a great Empire at all times could not be no domination over Eurasia, one of the main components of which is our Arab homeland. So the Arab arena is one of the most important if not the most important front of confrontation in the current war, and not only because of its geopolitical importance, but also because of having the largest energy sources in the world.What we are seeing today (the color revolutions), is a proxy war between the two axles. The first axis of the Arab States of the agents in the service of Israel and the United States, it is a crisis axis. The second axis of resistance, which is trying to break free from the dominant system and has teamed up with the emerging powers. It is China and Russia, who are also victims of oppression the first axis, using the recent economic leverage, both directly and through its agents.This is a war for survival, and the loser will die because of compromise here can not be. The most powerful weapon in the hands of crisis axis is the economy. She is trying to achieve financial crash opponents, which will lead to the eventual bankruptcy of these States, as riots erupt in the revolution for the sake of deliverance from suffering. They will have nothing to lose. To prevent that only by changing their political and economic approach, based on corruption and subordination. Then the game will turn against them, but the price will be high.In my last article I expressed the fear that the popular movements in Lebanon and Iraq with their fair and legitimate demands, will deviate from their goals. I was afraid that the requirements will cease to be just, and the words of truth will turn into an empty phrase. This is what is happening today. People want reforms, they require new legislation from the National Assembly and the government, which could to carry out these laws. For example, in Lebanon under the pressure of protests were made serious concessions, and it is necessary to form the leadership of this movement to follow the fulfillment of requirements. However, today the movement of the head are the same corrupt leaders of sects and their parties, which it wanted to overthrow.The Iraqi masses also present a legitimate and fair demands, but they forgot that corruption came after the American occupation tanks, and the current Constitution was drawn up by the occupiers and their helpers who are still on Iraqi soil. Is it a coincidence that the movement does not mention it, or forgetfulness?It is difficult or simply impossible to fight corruption of the system that produced it, and under the same political and economic approach and concepts that contributed to its emergence. As hard or almost impossible to resolve national crises, not being influenced by regional and global players in the era of globalization. Such attempts useless.The days ahead promise us a lot of surprises that can change the course of history.

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