Raider attacks, “disused” coal dismantling and “Centrenergo”. What you write about Igor Fat, a car which blew up on the highway in Kiev

Last night on the Zhytomyr highway, in Kiev, unidentified persons on a motorcycle blew up the car of the Director of a pharmaceutical company Igor Salo, in killing his bodyguard. “Country” has learned what is known Fat and what people write on the Internet.

Рейдерские захваты, "Артемсоль", угольные разборки и "Центрэнеро". Что пишут об Игоре Сало, авто которого подорвали на трассе в Киеве

Igor Fat. Photo:

According to the Internet media, Igor Salo is a Ukrainian-Russian businessman and well-known in the business circles of both countries.

However, this fame, according to numerous publications, is rather negative (although it is possible that many of these articles are custom-made and deliberately discrediting Fat).

It on various sites describe as party raids, “released” enterprises, financial fraud. The Fat, spinning in the Ukrainian business is not the first year, started a close relationship in the highest offices. Among the “friends” of the businessman and MPs.

Moreover, one of these “friends” — the former people’s Deputy from BPP Sergey Trigubenko. Cover he, like other members of the parliamentary faction allegedly provides personal ex-President Petro Poroshenko. To do corruption because the money that MPs practically do not hurt.

Also the Internet says that Igor is Fat, using available relations in the Verkhovna Rada and Ministry of agrarian policy of Ukraine conducts active actions, whose ultimate goal is the privatization of SE “artyomsol”.

According to Facebook blogger Stanislav Rechinsky, Igor Bacon and his family had previously engaged in pharmaceutical business. However, the entrepreneur is now known not so much by pharmaceutical business as “Tsentrenergo”, charcoal and communication Trigubenko.

“In the second quarter of 2015, the leadership of “Centrenergo” signed a major contract with a private provider Cypriot company Sovewick Holding Limited. According to the newspaper Insider, the Cypriot company can be traced an apparent connection with Fat Igor and his son Vladimir, the business interests which were concentrated in Kharkiv”, – Rechinsky says.

According to him, the Cypriot company Sovewick Holding Limited, according to the website “Nashi Groshi”, owned by the firm from Marshall Islands Blans Investment Inc. The beneficiaries in this jurisdiction not disclosed. So, in 2012, according to the register of legal entities, the Sovewick Holding Limited was share of Kharkov LLC “SBM+”. The profile of the company — trade of oil products. Now it is controlled by the state structures of Azerbaijan Socar Corporation. At the end of 2012 it was a partnership business of Azerbaijanis Sovewick Holding Limited and businessman Gennady Ioffe, and before that a partner at the Joffe “SBM+” was close to it — Mr Bacon. It should be noted that Gennady Ioffe, Igor and Vladimir Bacon Fat in this case did not deviate from his style of doing business and getting money from the company “Socar” has not fulfilled its obligations.

As well as wrote the publication Vkusnoe Igor Salo was playing another corruption scheme at the mine “Krasnolimanskaya” located in Donetsk region.

On the basis of the enterprise “UK “krasnolimansky” Igor the Fat established GP “sovereign wuggly company” (“DCC”), which actually became the mediator between the “Krasnolimanskaya” and “Centrenergo”. Coal miners were sent correctly, but the money he had received. So a debt of 65 million.

In 2015, INSIDER sources at the energy market said that Igor Fat adjusted deliveries of coal from the area ATO in the East of Ukraine. Because “versatility” Sovewick Holding Limited is not surprising. Under the guise of coal allegedly mined from the mine Krasnolimanskaya, supplied and sold coal from the territory of the so-called “DNR”.

Рейдерские захваты, "Артемсоль", угольные разборки и "Центрэнеро". Что пишут об Игоре Сало, авто которого подорвали на трассе в Киеве

Рейдерские захваты, "Артемсоль", угольные разборки и "Центрэнеро". Что пишут об Игоре Сало, авто которого подорвали на трассе в Киеве

Screenshot: Facebook/Stanislav Rechinsky

Earlier in the network published a video of the explosion on the Zhytomyr highway, in Kiev. As can be seen in recordings made by the DVR to one of the cars were traveling on the road, at some point, they heard a strong cotton with a Bang, and then exploded the car sucked in a cloud of smoke.

Also, according to the “Country,” a car explosion in Zhitomir highway was the result of detonation of an explosive device on the roof. As we said a source in law enforcement bodies, the bomb on the roof left a motorcyclist while passing near.

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