Raiders: four new cases of COVID-19 on the site of Las Vegas

Raiders: quatre nouveaux cas de COVID-19 sur le chantier de Las Vegas

The other four construction workers have contracted the COVID-19 on the site of the new stadium of the Raiders in Las Vegas.

At least that is what was reported by the tv station of Las Vegas KLAS-TV, Tuesday. In total, seven workers who have been declared positive for the disease.

More than 4000 people are involved in this project. Companies Mortenson and McCarthy, co-responsible of the project, would have otherwise required the wearing of the mask since the 20 April.

The Raiders, previously installed in Oakland, California, have formalized their move to Nevada in the month of march.

The organization, which began in Oakland in 1960, is a third move. She had left the San Francisco area and moved to Los Angeles in 1982. She then returned to Oakland in 1995.

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