Rainy summer: hundreds of millions of dollars in lost agricultural

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    Sunday, 13 August, 2017 13:55

    Sunday, 13 August, 2017 13:55

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    Lack of sun, rain pervasive, violent storms, floods; like their compatriots in Quebec, the Ontario farmers are living a difficult season which will cost them dear.

    According to the ontario Federation of agriculture, the losses due to the weather could total in the hundreds of millions of dollars this year.

    “This is the second year in a row [weather volatile]. The sectors most affected by drought last year are the most affected by the rain this year”, explained the president of the Federation, Keith Currie, the “Toronto Star”.

    It will, however, wait until the end of the harvest season in the autumn, which promise to be less abundant and of poorer quality than in normal times, to know the full extent of the damage caused by the weather.

    The eastern province has particularly tasted the torments of the weather, while 705 millimetres of rain fell between 1 April and 31 July in the region, more than twice the normal of 340 mm. “I don’t know what’s happening in Ottawa. It is almost as if it became a monsoon climate,” said David Phillips, Environment Canada, in an interview with the “Star”.

    A little to the east, in the region of Montreal, farmers must also contend with two times more water than usual. While 223,9 mm usually fall from April to July in the metropolis, what are 534,4 mm which fell on the region during these four months.

    The data may, however, vary greatly from one region to another, due to showers and thunderstorms located. For example, more than 200 millimeters of rain fell in 24 hours at Napierville, there is a little more than a week, leading to “tens of millions of dollars in crop losses, according to the Union of agricultural producers.

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