Rainy week continues, the cold will not retreat from the Moscow region on the weekends: a detailed review of forecasts

Дождливая неделя продолжается, похолодание не отступит из Московского региона даже на выходных: подробный комментарий синоптиков

As the correspondent of “MIR 24” lead specialist at OOO “Tsentr FOBOS” Michael Leus, which began in the Moscow region on Monday, the warming is temporary. Now the capital is located on the southern periphery of the cyclone, but on Wednesday expect a large-scale cooling.

Yet you can still enjoy the last real summer day this week. On Tuesday the weather let it be cloudy, but the temperature in daytime will remain within climatic norm: +23-25 degrees in the center of Moscow, and from +21 to +26 degrees in the suburbs.

But starting Wednesday, the cyclone will turn to the capital region to its colder part. The weather will remain rather cloudy, from time to time will be rain. They will be especially noticeable at night Saturday and Sunday. Naturally, in such conditions, the daytime heating will be limited. And starting Wednesday until the end of the week, the thermometer in the daytime will fluctuate in the range of 17-19 degrees. At night, these days it is expected from +12-14 degrees. Such temperatures by about two degrees behind its normal.

If you are planning a long walk or a trip out of town this weekend, you should think again. The weather on Saturday and Sunday will determine the rear part of a cyclone – it is extremely cold for summer. A night at the weekend, the thermometer does drop to 12 degrees, and in the afternoon it is unlikely that the air warms up even to the level of +20.

But all this is only a small challenge compared to what awaits in the coming days in Eastern Siberia. Unfortunately, according to forecasts, around the Baikal area, the Irkutsk region and Krasnoyarsk Krai again will go heavy rains. So, most likely, will start another wave of floods. If you are in these regions, in advance take care of their security.

Generally rain and coolness is characteristic of the July-2019 to the Central region of the European part of Russia. At least the whole first week we have to put up with rainfall and temperatures below normal by two to three degrees.