Raising the minimum wage: the Ukrainians said that would happen with social benefits

Повышение прожиточного минимума: украинцам рассказали, что будет с соцвыплатами

Social policy Minister Yulia Sokolovskaya told that there will be social benefits in 2020.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine supported the initiative of the Ministry of social policy on the new terms of social benefits from the subsistence level. Social policy Minister Yulia Sokolovskaya said that will be payments in the new year.

According to Sokolovsky, this initiative will allow to increase the size of the subsistence minimum prior to the actual level. The government expects that this level can be 30-40% of the average wage of Ukrainians.

If we talk about numbers, then the living wage must grow almost twice and reach 3-4 thousand hryvnia.
The government also proposes to introduce such a concept as “minimum salary in the wage system”. This figure will depend on the law on the state budget. It will be tied to wages and salaries of those working in the public sector, and the wage system in the public sector.

The Ministry of justice also proposed to introduce the concept of “unit of account” and “penalty rate”. They will apply to fines and penalties.
Sokolovsky noted that the reform will allow to decouple the salaries of public sector employees and to impose penalties for violations of the living wage.

Recall that the pension from 1 December calculated on the new standards. Recalculated pensions will be granted to those seniors who have reference to the minimum subsistence level. Also in the new year the Ukrainians will increase the minimum and maximum pensions.

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