Rallies: here’s what the police tolerate

Rassemblements: voici ce que la police tolère

MONTREAL – With the beautiful weather that settled, Quebecers are many want to gather in a park or in their back yard. Have they the right? Under what conditions?

Here are the responses provided by the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) and the Service de police de la Ville de Québec (SPVQ).

Attention: each police force can make a different interpretation of the law.

Is it that I can go for a walk with one or more friends?

Yes. As long as the distance of two meters is maintained at all times, the practice is tolerated by the SPVM and the SPVQ.

Is it that I can make a picnic with friends in the park?

Yes. Legally, if the two metres is strictly adhered to, you can muster. However, the POLICE service and SPVQ do not promote this practice, arguing that it is unlikely that the distance is maintained at all times, especially if children play together.

Is it that I can find friends in a park to drink a beer?

Yes, but it is necessary to check if the consumption is permitted in the park in question.

Is it that I can invite friends in my outdoor courtyard?

The SPVQ has not responded to this question. At the SPVM, it is suggested that it is tolerated. The inspector at the office of the director of the SPVM, André Durocher, however, citizens in custody. “If you invite some friends over to drink beers, it is short a little after the disorder. It will be difficult to maintain the two meters all the time.”

Can I invite people on my balcony if it is large enough to comply with the measures of distance?

At the SPVM, it is specified that if the balcony is accessible from the outside, it is tolerated, but if it is necessary to cross the interior of the home to access it, it is prohibited.

If both spouses are not living together can they see?

The answer varies according to the body font. The SPVQ considers occupants of a home, all people living there on a regular or intermittent. If, for example, the spouses live separately, but come together in a house at the end of the week, the SPVQ tolerates this meeting. However, at the SPVM, it indicates that two people who do not live under the same roof and do not meet the distancing physical risk a ticket.

I expose myself to what ticket?

The fine for a person who does not comply with the orders of the public Health is 1546 $. For a person under 18 years of age, the penalty is 560 $.

Laval and Longueuil are conservative

Asked to know what is their interpretation of the legislation on rallies, the police of Laval and Longueuil have not wanted to pronounce. They refer citizens to the website of the government, preferring not to disclose how they apply the rules.

For the latest instructions relating to the collection of the government, click here.

To refer to the government decree on the rallies, click here.

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