Rallies outside allowed, but not encouraged

Des rassemblements extérieurs permis, mais pas encouragés

Even if public health does not recommend that always rallies, a group of friends gathered on a private property should not receive any reports of infractions, if they comply with social distancing, is suggested by the minister Geneviève Guilbault.

The government Legault says the past two days that ” the gatherings in interiors, exteriors are prohibited “. However, the decree that declared the health emergency in Quebec provides the possibility of connecting to the outside by maintaining a minimum distance of two metres.

“Strictly speaking, indeed, when we look at the decree, what is being said is : avoid as much as possible to get together “, acknowledged the minister of public Security at a press conference Wednesday.

Discussions and distancing

Despite the return of good weather, the Quebec should avoid to invite friends to take a drink on the terrace. “But if you must you rub on the outside, keep a distance of two metres,” says Ms. Guilbault.

The minister sees it-even small crowds when she walks her child in a stroller near his home. “There was someone in his driveway near his garage, and then the other one is in the street, and then they speak. Well, they are two meters, so, therefore, they comply with the guidelines “, she summarizes.

Avoid the BBQ, saith the Dr Arruda

However, the national director of public health discourages Quebec to organize “barbecues” at home.

“Walking distance of two metres or be in front of the garage, it is another thing to come together around a table,” he says. In addition to the proximity, the guests are then left to manipulate objects that may have been infected by another guest.

Where his caution, he said. “But we are the first to want, we also, being able to relive these moments,” says Dr. Arruda. Our friends fail us. Our bbq outside we lack. But I think that it is necessary to go step by step. But I want to give hope. We will not be able to, anyway, stay encabanés completely. ”

The recommendations of the public health will depend on the spread or not of the virus to the result of the déconfinement which begins next week, ” says Dr. Arruda.

“Nothing is excluded,” he said, but I can’t tell you now because I want to truly see what the déconfinement of 4, 11 and 18 or later will give. “

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