Ramadan disrupted by the pandemic of sars coronavirus

Le ramadan perturbé par la pandémie de coronavirus

It is the turn of the month of ramadan to be disturbed by the new coronavirus, which has nearly 190 000 deaths in the world, and which forced hundreds of millions of muslims to stay indoors during this fasting month, which begins Friday.

The pandemic has prompted the United States to take Thursday new measures to face the unprecedented recession caused by this health crisis for the planet, while the european Union has not been able to find a ground of agreement on a recovery plan.

Saudi Arabia, which is home to the first two holy places of islam, as well as most arab countries —including Syria, Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan and Bahrain— have announced the beginning Friday of ramadan.

One of the pillars of islam, the month of fasting, during which the believers must refrain from eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset, is traditionally a period of gatherings. It is also a month of prayer during which muslims converge in large numbers in the mosques, especially at night.

But because of the COVID-19, almost all the muslim countries have closed the mosques and asked people to pray for them, imposing sometimes containment and curfew to prevent the spread of the virus. Restrictions supported, in most cases, by the religious authorities.

King Salman of saudi Arabia is said he is ” distressed that the holy month arrives in the circumstances we would perform prayers such as the tarawih (the night prayers) in the mosques, because of the preventive measures to protect the life and health of the peoples in the fight against the pandemic of novel coronavirus “.

A fight against the epidemic that lamin economies around the world, forcing the authorities to develop recovery plans with more or less success.


Thus, after more than four hours of the summit conference, the leaders of the EU have asked the european Commission to formulate proposals for the recovery from mid-may.

“There is no consensus today” on the solutions to the economic crisis, the worst since 1945, was recognized by the president of france Emmanuel Macron, at the end of the summit. The Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte has, however, referred to a ” milestone “.

EU leaders remain divided on the amount but also on the mode of financing of a recovery plan in common, which is expected to reach several hundred billion euros.

According to the international monetary Fund, Europe could experience a recession of 7.1% this year.

That is, at this stage, the continent that has the most victims of the disease, COVID-19 with more than 115,000 dead.

In contrast, across the Atlantic, the House of representatives has adopted a new plan of aid to small and medium-sized enterprises and to hospitals in the amount of 480 billion dollars, which is added to the recovery plan history of 2200 billion approved at the end of march.

The number of unemployed people has once again jumped to the United States to reach more than 26 million new unemployed in five weeks.

In accordance with the statement of Johns Hopkins university on Thursday evening, the new coronavirus has made 49 759 deaths in the United States, which have recorded one of the worst scores of the disease on a day with 3176 of death between 20: 30 Wednesday night and Thursday night.

And 26 971 new cases of coronavirus have been identified in this same period of twenty-four hours, for a total of 866 646 cases identified.

Still, despite this, several u.s. States such as Texas, Vermont or Georgia have decided to embark on the path of déconfinement, by allowing some businesses to reopen.


In Europe also, some countries lighten their devices to control the disease.

As Italy who has passed the bar of the 25 000 dead, but who is aware of the positive signals (less sick people, less of patients in intensive care, fewer deaths daily). The government is preparing the activation of the ” phase 2 “, which is aimed at reducing the drastic measures of containment in force since 9 march.

Preparations are well underway also in France, in anticipation of the gradual lifting of the containment from the 11th of may. The balance sheet was 21 856 dead Thursday evening, 516 more in 24 hours.

But Mexico is in the phase of rapid ascent in the daily number of cases “, said Hugo Lopez-Gatell, under-secretary of state for Health, during a press conference.

“We will continue to have more and more cases of the disease, people must be hospitalized and those in a critical condition, until the arrival of the peak of this epidemic,” he said.

The country has passed on Thursday the helm of the thousand dead (1069), to 1633 cases of contamination.

The situation is more complicated in Venezuela, in the throes of a severe economic crisis even before the emergence of the new coronvirus in China in December.

A 28 year old male was shot and killed Thursday in the south of the country, during a protest against the rising prices of food products. It was the second day of unrest in towns and cities province, during which people were injured or arrested.

According to the last balance-sheet, Venezuela has 298 cases of infection and 10 deaths.

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