Rare shot: what does Cameron Diaz, after retiring from the cinema

Редкий кадр: чем занимается Кэмерон Диаз, уйдя из кинематографа

At the end of March Cameron Diaz announced the end of his acting career. Since then leads a very private life: not answering phone calls from agents, will not accept invitations to parties not appearing in social networking and almost misses the lenses of the paparazzi. But today, reporters were lucky — they’d caught the actress while shopping in Beverly hills.

Leaving the cinema, Cameron Diaz fully devoted himself to his family. And this heavily influenced the appearance of the actress. Now designer outfits in which she shone on the red carpet, Cameron prefers simple jeans, loose sweatshirts and no makeup.

Besides, some time ago, Diaz has been putting on weight. And this has provoked a wave of rumors that will soon become a mother. However, they are unlikely to be true. Paparazzi photographed the actress last Saturday while shopping, I promise for all time that there are rumors, actress belly hasn’t grown.


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