Raymond Rougeau wants to jump into the political arena

Raymond Rougeau wants to jump into the political arena

Even if the memories of his wrestling career will remain etched in his memory forever, Raymond Rougeau has been passionate about municipal politics for 18 years, in addition to having 3300 flight hours as a seaplane pilot. His new goal: to become mayor.

The one who has been a professional wrestler for 18 years, including more than three years in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), announced Wednesday that he will run for mayor of Rawdon, in Lanaudière, in November 2021.

He has been a councilor since 2002 within this municipality of 10,000 souls.

“I found myself facing a mayor and a city council who were very hostile towards me for four years (2009 to 2013) because I was alone in the opposition,” said the 65-year-old man. Politics is a world that can be very harsh, like wrestling, because insults can come easily. ”

Preserving the character of Rawdon

The ex-wrestler, whose first fight took place at the Joliette arena on May 3, 1971, will try to preserve Rawdon's country character if he is elected mayor.

“It's another level to be the mayor because you are the one who always answers everything, he explained to the QMI Agency. There is strong pressure for real estate development in Rawdon, but we can control everything while respecting our environment. ”

And even if his career as a wrestler and sports commentator is immortalized by photos on the walls of his house by the water in Rawdon, the eldest of the Rougeau brothers still told with emotion several anecdotes of his career.

He and his brother Jacques were notably world team champions for the WWF for a dozen hours on August 10, 1987 at the Montreal Forum. They won against the famous Hart Foundation.

“It was planned that we come out of the fight with the belts of world champions,” he said.

But the business agent for Bret Hart's team attempted to hit the Rougeau brothers with a megaphone. A skirmish broke out and Raymond Rougeau then hit Bret Hart with that same megaphone.

“We covered it, the referee counted three and we won the belts,” he testified. But the WWF reversed the decision the next day because the megaphone had been used. ”

Raymond Rougeau also fought as a team with the Géant Ferré, in addition to having faced a team composed of the legendary Hulk Hogan and “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan.

Raymond Rougeau finally left the WWF in November 1989. “I was sitting in a jet 25 days a month, that's not a lifetime,” he said. And I was more injured in three years in the WWF than the 15 years before that. ”

The Rougeau brothers fought together until November 1990.

And the elder Rougeau brothers had a greater passion than wrestling in life, having been a seaplane pilot for 36 years. He also owns a four-seater Piper PA20 which he had modified in 2000.

He obtained his pilot's license in 1984 at the age of 29.

However, his passion almost cost him his life in Dolbeau-Mistassini in 2002 when he piloted the flying machine of one of his friends who accompanied him on board.

The oil pressure dial went from 80 lbs of pressure to zero in 10 seconds. He was 3000 feet above sea level.

“There was bucane, I couldn't see anything anymore,” he detailed. I shut off the engine, I turned the plane completely on one wing and we were in the water in 30 seconds. ”

They finally got on the floats of the plane and rowed to the edge.

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