Razumkov admitted were formed lists of “Servants of the people”

Разумков признался, как формировались списки «Слуги народа»

Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Dmitry Razumkov explained how they formed the lists of “Servants of the people” and who were advised to include.

According to Razumkov, in the list of “public Servants” every influential member of ze!The team had the opportunity to advise there some people.

“We had a lot of people advised. But not advised during the formation of the list, they appeared earlier”, — said the speaker of the Parliament.

He stated that he never hid that “the lists were people who were experts, such as those presented during the election campaign. And, for example, was represented by Vladimir Zelensky in “Right to rule”.

“Do you remember, were those who were representatives of the regional teams. There were those who were members of the Central headquarters and it has been almost from the beginning to the end of the whole campaign. It’s the people, time-tested, and I think it is good that they are close,” said Razumkov.

He also added that additionally had colleagues who belonged to the so-called group of reformers, or colleagues who worked with them. They were offered mostly Goncharuk. Besides them, there were representatives of civil society, who later joined ze!Team.

From the words of the present speaker of the Verkhovna Rada “was not such that someone someone just suggested”, all originally “was attached to the election campaign”.

“It’s not quite correct that someone someone had recommended. There are my colleagues who was also there during the election campaign, for example, Nelly Yakovlev and Vasily Mocanu (people’s deputies of the faction “people’s Servant” — ed.). It’s my partners with whom I worked for many years,” said Razumkov.

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