Re-opening of the restaurants: a conservator of Saguenay prefer to move

Réouverture des restos: un restaurateur de Saguenay préfère déménager

SAGUENAY | A conservator of Saguenay takes the decision to move, even before they know the health rules imposed by Quebec, surrounding the reopening of restaurants.

Frédéric Dufour has opened his wine bar, The Meaty three years ago, on the boulevard Saguenay to Chicoutimi, in a room to accommodate fifty guests at a time.

“The reality is that it is quite small. If we must reduce our customer base of 50 percent, it drops to six tables. Six tables to turn in a restaurant, this is not sustainable”, he explained.

In addition, Mr. Dufour has modified its menu in recent weeks and was launched in the chinese dishes to take away. But the kitchen of the local that rents Mr. Dufour is not large enough so that it can continue to provide this new service, while a reopening of her dining room.

“I had to use the dining room as a warehouse to ensure I have everything in hand for the preparation of my chinese food”, he says.

Mr. Dufour and his wife have concluded, even before the government unveils the restrictions imposed on the conservators, that it is better to close The Fleshy Saguenay and reopen in a bigger place.

“We found a local to Alma on the avenue of the Bridge that would be able to accommodate nearly double the number of customers,” he says.

Frédéric Dufour made the announcement to its customers on Sunday on the page Facebook of the restaurant.

“There’s a positive, but for my customer in the Saguenay, I cannot deny that yesterday, I was quite feverish”, he confided.

He could have chosen to drop everything, but he preferred to roll up our sleeves and forge ahead.

“I set up this business with my wife and it’s been a long time that you work really hard,” says Mr. Dufour. It works well, it is a nice concept and I’m working with my children. It has never been our goal to close.”

Frédéric Dufour hopes to reopen the restaurant’s doors The Fleshy, at Alma, in July next.


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