Reached of a cancer, she is fighting to see his son grow up

Atteinte d’un cancer, elle se bat pour voir son fils grandir

A young mother who was diagnosed with colorectal cancer stage 4 with metastases to the liver and lymph nodes a month before the start of the global pandemic, decided to make a foot of nose to the death, and she fights, today, to see his son grow up.

How should we deal with the fear of being infected by the virus, which spreads currently on a global scale and the chemotherapy treatments that are given to have a better quality of life ?

Sophie Goulet, who celebrated his 29th birthday on April 7, has had to ask the question when it was put in front of the harsh reality that is now hers.

On the 1st of February, the young woman who is on maternity leave learned with pain and fear that she was afflicted with an aggressive cancer that 95% of the time, affects people over the age of 50.

“It is certain that I could catch the COVID… it is a possibility. But if I don’t do a treatment of chemo, it is a certainty that I’m going to die… so for me the choice was easy to make, ” said the young woman with the soft voice when contacted by The Newspaper.

No surgery for now

His liver is too affected by the disease, no operation is viable at the moment.

“I get chemo every two weeks in order to melt the masses. In may, I am going to have a scan to see if I react well, but you already told me that I could have chemo for life. In fact, it gives me the most years with the best quality of life possible, ” she dropped in a breath, struggling to hold back the sobs that pierced his voice.

Each time she went to the hospital to follow its treatment, the young mother is fully aware of the risk to which it is exposed, and this, in spite of the security measures put in place to avoid contagion.

“I do whatever it takes because the last thing I want is to become a vector of transmission for my son,” said the young woman immunosupprimée.

“First, I want to full “

Because her fight is for her son of 9 months that she has chosen to do so. Lately, the small one has said the word ” mama “, the first of a series that Sophie hope long and full of happiness.

“The first time, I want plenty… I hang on to the fact that my baby needs her mum. I also want to thank life to have the opportunity to beat me… it is already a chance, ” added the young woman, who was asked recently in betrothal by his spouse.

“My boyfriend is great. It takes care of the house, the baby, the household, the food… I really have a bead between the hands. Everything that happens to us, it was not in the plans and the proposal of marriage, that brings a project… The disease has taken me a lot of things, but it will not take me all, ” she said in closing.

Take the great ways

Several people who are waiting for surgery following a diagnosis of cancer, fear that the measures taken by the government are many collateral victims.

It is the case of Sophie Bédard who is waiting for surgery to remove the ovaries following a diagnosis of cancer. Afraid of nothing, so she decided to send a letter to prime minister François Legault to raise awareness of the cause and the urgency to act.

“The COVID-19 can lead to complications considered life-threatening in older people […] it is justified to deal with it […] but the people who are living with cancer are left “, she says in her submission.

“The worst thing a person can know in his life, it is to wear the death itself and no one can take it away,” she said.

Agonizing choice

Elaine Chabot, a 51-year-old has been recalled to undergo his surgery. It has, however, had to make an agonizing choice.

“Either I had a mastectomy without reconstruction or either I was expecting that the crisis is over to have the mastectomy and reconstruction immediately. I took the first option even though my oncologist told me that the reconstruction would not be possible before two years of age, ” said the woman, a few hours after her operation.

If, physically, she was okay, she fears the psychological shock associated with the fact to have only one breast.

“I know that I made the right decision, and then I tell myself that he is gone. I no longer have cancer, ” she added.

Stress and anxiety

Be have cancer and need chemotherapy treatments can be stressful, the anxiety increases when the COVID prompt in the department of oncology.

Slavica Matic Obradovic received his third treatment of chemotherapy to combat her cancer. However, on the eve of its treatment, a call from the department of oncology has made him live a stress and a fear immense.

“During my second treatment, there was also someone stated positive to the COVID-19. The day before my third treatment, I was therefore advised that I should stay in isolation until 14 April “, she mentioned.

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