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 Real estate ads, motorcycle helmets… Everything that changes on July 1, 2022

Illustration of a crowd. — plampix

And here we go again for a new batch of novelties. Several regulations will indeed evolve in the daily life of the French in a few days, at the end of the day. from July 1, 2022. First of all, no more installing oil or coal-fired boilers, for the sake of the planet, even if existing devices can continue to operate. be used. And on the side energy renovation, some aid can be combined.

Other developments: the property advertisements of individuals will have to align themselves with those of the pros, with information in more to display, while motorcyclists will have to wear more secure helmets. Finally, the substances present in children's toys will be looked at more closely. Want to know everything to be ready on July 1st? We summarize everything for you ça in video: