Real Madrid: Zidane will be celebrating his 100th on the bench merengue… Pérez took the opportunity to greet the “myth”

Zinedine Zidane, aka king Midas — Boris Grdanoski/AP/SIPA

If we had been told that Zidane would reach the milestone of 100 matches on the bench of the
Real Madrid when he was signed to replace Rafa Benitez, in early 2016, we would have been likely to laugh. A year and a half later, there are many people who mock Zizou coach. Two champions league, a Liga, a
UEFA super cup, a Spanish supercup, a club world Cup… It deserved a glowing tribute on the part of the big boss, Florentino Pérez.

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“Zinedine Zidane, who celebrates tomorrow (Saturday) in his first 100 games as coach of our team, belongs to this extraordinary group of characters elected to be one of our symbols “, writes the leader. “Zidane is a pure talent, but it also represents the work and the sacrifice, the perseverance in search of perfection. His hunger for victories and titles is insatiable, while demonstrating always respect and humility. It is a reference to matchless for our players “, said Florentino Pérez.

A lot of goals scored… and cashed out

Its balance sheet ciphertext is eloquent before the 8th day of the Championship of Spain : in 99 official matches on the bench merengue, Zizou has won 74 wins, 17 draws and eight defeats, with 271 goals scored and 100 conceded.

In Marca, Perez invites, however, Zidane does not rest on its laurels : “This club always aspires to be better,” warns the president. “Zidane has the difficult task of trying to make happy hundreds of millions of supporters who are spread across the world and know that our team is in the best hands possible,” he concludes. A way to tell him that if things go well for the moment, everything can change very quickly in the white house.

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