Real mnogostanochnikov

Настоящий многостаночник

Mustafa Nayem, in violation of the laws of logic appointed Deputy Director of Ukroboronprom, is a living proof that a talented person is talented in everything. Mustafa is a real mnogostanochnikov. He was a journalist, and revolutionary, and MP and reformer, and expert in law enforcement, and medical expert, and expert on emergency driving cars, and street fighter, and actor, and now he is an expert on military technology.It should be noted that what would not Mustafa, it all turns out well. I’ve been calling people with umbrellas and good mood on the Maidan – life has become better, life has become merrier. Undertook the reform of the interior Ministry and he managed to do what could not be done to anyone before him – to force the police to work worse than it worked before the reform.Proud that even after the change of power in Ukraine is for people like Mustafa Nayem, all doors are open. Mustafa Nayem is our bright future.Alexander Volkov

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