Real state in Ukraine already amputated

It is unable to perform their functions – at least in the social, though digitalnirvana sense

Реальное государство в Украине уже ампутировано

The phrase “digitalization processes” one reminds me of “materialized spirits”?Or take, for example, “the state of the smartphone”. Visualization issues on the mountain a way akin to “flies in amber”.Many are willing to admit that spirits exist. But few people can manage them in reality, not in an imaginary world.A fly in amber looks just like alive. This thing, of course, beautiful. And many are aesthetically pleasing. However, she fly, she was alive and freely fluttered its wings, is unlikely to be amenable to such “aesthetically advanced” perspective.How to manage processes, if you are not affected and are not volitional center of their initiation? Unless you have mastered the art to control the degradation and randomization system.Effective management of the state, can only exist in the smartphone and post to Facebook.In reality the Ukrainians are long gone for money (based on the budget structure), desire (judging by the pace of labor migration), abilities (judging by the quality of gosmenedzhment).
Yes, and the right to use (by external control) either.Fervent populist phrase, mock patriotism and promises of a bright future – a weak anaesthetic. She almost does not make it easier for the Ukrainians the amputation of the real state and its social, not digitalisierung sense.

Vladislav Mikheev

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