Realignment: three ministers in three years to the Culture

Photo: Francis Vachon, The canadian Press
The new minister of Culture and Communication, Marie Montpetit

This is Hélène David, who has launched the process of revision of the cultural policy of Quebec. It is Luc Fortin, who has conducted the consultations and the drafting of the project. But it is a new comer, Marie Montpetit, who will be responsible to finalize everything. Three years, three ministers : the culture medium was surprised that so much movement.


“Let’s say we would like a little stability “, said Wednesday the president of the Union des artistes (UDA), Sophie Prégent. The next week, it will celebrate its four years at the head of the UDA with as a questioner of government a fourth minister (the pq Maka Kotto was there in 2013).


Beyond the political movement that he leads, the realignment of Wednesday occurs in a particular context of culture : the deposit of the plan of action of the long-awaited cultural policy of the government, which has not been updated since 1992 — is scheduled for December.


But according to our information, there are still a lot of work to do to deliver a plan structuring. The arrival of a new carrier file is also concern to several stakeholders interviewed Wednesday, a delay in the process.


The general opinion is that the minister Fortin (who is leaving his post even as his fighting in the folder Netflix had been widely hailed over the past two weeks) had taken the folder of the cultural policy arm-the-body. He had attended twenty public consultations, heard voice the concerns and expectations of an environment that can be found today surprised and disappointed.

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“We felt listened to and it was someone who understood the field, and the creative community,” says Sophie Prégent. He had gained a lot of braid with its outputs on Netflix. It is a heavy loss. But we’ll leave the luck to Marie Montpetit, of course. “


The Union des écrivaines et des écrivains du Québec (UNEQ), for its part, “deplored the fact that Mr. Fortin is forced to give up his post” in the last line of the cultural policy. “The UNEQ has again the feeling that the government attaches very little importance to the continuity that is needed in the cultural environment “, notes the president Suzanne Aubry. “The action plan must be tabled in December : it leaves very little time to Ms. Montpetit to learn the records. “The Coalition culture, the heart of Quebec (CCCQ) was reacted in a similar manner.


The new minister, Marie Montpetit, has a baggage, mainly related to the field of health. On Wednesday, she argues that she has ” studied for almost twenty years the music [piano and vocals]. Therefore, I am very happy to be able to put it to good use in the new functions that I occupy. I have always had a great passion for the culture […] I am excessively in my comfort zone. “