Reasons which prevent to get rid of belly fat

Lack of sleep can disrupt the production of hormones.

Причини, які заважають позбутися від жиру на животі

Fat in the stomach area – the most “painful” for us, informs Rus.Media.

First, because this is the most noticeable area of fat that spoils the overall aesthetic impression of the body. Secondly, belly fat harder to banish because going to the gym first to burn it with the least problem areas: legs, arms, thighs, etc. and a strict diet for a long period of time can make not everyone.

But don’t berate yourself for being lazy dislike for sports and a weak will power. With age, there are numerous factors that provoke the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area. Today we tell about some of them.

Healthy eating does not help

Even if problems with excess weight never was and suddenly they were, that doesn’t always mean that the fault is your diet. With age, the body’s resistance to insulin is increasing, and, as we know, it helps a person to burn fat.

To resolve this problem, you should refer to a dietitian for development of an adequate nutrition program.

Increased levels of stress

Nervous system greatly affects the functioning of our body. And if the first is suffering from stress, illness and constant stress, the body at some point may fail. Increased production of cortisol (a stress hormone) affects the accumulation of excess weight.

A way out of this situation can be only one – self-control. People should be able to cope with stress on their own.


It plays the role of two factors. First – lack of sleep. This prevents our body to recover after a hard day, which in turn increases the production of cortisol, the detrimental effect described above.

The second factor is the disruption of leptin. This hormone is responsible for the feeling of satiety. However, with age, its quantity is greatly increased, which hinders the body to adequately assess the amount eaten.

The solution to these problems one is to visit the appropriate doctor, who will advise how to restore the endocrine system.